‘Intrusion’ Review – A Nail-Biting Thriller Sure to Keep You on Your Toes

Netflix’s Intrusion is the next in a long line of original thrillers to be added to the streaming service.

Directed by Adam Salky, the movie stars Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto as Meera and Henry Parsons. The Parsons move to a small town and into an expensive smart home in the middle of nowhere. The Parsons’ home is invaded, and Henry brutally strikes and kills the intruders with a hidden gun he had stashed inside the house with no prior knowledge of it from Meera.

The story follows Meera searching for answers about her husband, whom she seemingly knows nothing about. The story begins to take a turn when Meera discovers something dark about her husband and discovers that her perfect life may not be so perfect after all.

This movie shines a light on the fact that people might not always be who they seem, along with the question, ‘can you ever fully trust your significant other?’. This film has an underlying message that paranoia and dishonesty can slowly break a marriage. Intrusion is a bit of a slow burn at the beginning, but you won’t want to look away by the time you get to the plot twist. The acting is of a high quality which keeps you engaged and wanting to stick around to find out more.

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intrusion netflix review

Intrusion becomes somewhat of a treasure hunt for Meera as she searches for clues about her husband and what he is up to. This element is highly relevant compared to real-life as relationships are made up of two strangers who have come together and built trust to remain together.

When someone becomes suspicious of their partner, they begin to look for signs of them being unfaithful and any odd movements they make. This movie is most definitely in line with real-life events as couples all over the world go through this at some stage in their relationship.

Overall, Intrusion is a thrilling and creepy movie with a plot twist that keeps you guessing. It features excellent acting and good production value, considering it was filmed during a pandemic.

Fun Fact:

Most fans usually confuse Logan Marshall-Green him with Tom Hardy, due to his striking resemblance with the actor.

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