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Hugh Jackman Announces Official Title for ‘Wolverine 3’

Check out the new teaser poster for Logan – the new title for the upcoming sequel based on the Wolverine character, made famous on-screen by Hugh Jackman.

Both Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold confirmed the new title of Logan today on social media, with Mangold posting a look at the official teaser poster for the film which you can see below.

The poster features the hand of the clawed-mutant Wolverine/Logan, being held onto by the hand of a small child/teen.

I say teen because the small hand in the image looks a bit too small to be a child’s, or the Photoshop work might be off a bit.

Rumours suggest that the hand may belong to the character X-23, who is a female clone-daughter of Wolverine in the comic books, and who is currently assuming the monicker of ‘Wolverine’ in the comics.

It could also potentially be the character Daken, who is the legitimate son of Wolverine in the comics.

Either way, the image represents a potential passing-of-the-torch to me, as this next Wolverine film is said to be Jackman’s last, so either of the above options would make sense, depending on which direction the studio has decided to go in for future films.

It will be a sad time seeing Jackman stop playing one of the most recognisable characters out of the comic book universe, since comic book films started becoming huge all those years ago.

The next question is, who will/should play Wolverine in future films?

It would be a shame for the studio to retire the character altogether, however unlikely that is considering how iconic he just is.

Check out the cool new teaser poster below, along with Jackman’s own Instagram post promoting the announcement of the upcoming film’s title.


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