Breakdown of ‘Hot Fuzz’ by Movies with Mikey – Video

Movies with Mikey is back for another excellent video essay; this time Mikey examines Edgar Wright’s masterpiece Hot Fuzz, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The reverence Mikey has for the 2007 classic is palpable, and honestly, relatable.

It’s a piece of genre filmmaking that somehow transcends genre.

It is one of the best comedies, without just being a comedy; one of the best action films, without just being an action film; and one of the best on-screen romances of the century (we’re looking at you Frost and Pegg).

Mikey’s take on the film will add new depth to characters and writing, even for seasoned Edgar Wright fans, who have seen the film a hundred times.

Edgar Wright made his long awaited return earlier this year with his film Baby Driver, which was a critical success (the audience seemed to love it too, see our review here).

The director has been one of the hottest tickets in town since his debut feature Shaun of the Dead was released in 2004, so any new movie linked to the director should be a cause of excitement for film fans.

Check out the cool video review of Hot Fuzz below, and let us know which of Wright’s films is your favourite in the comments below.

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