Home Invaders Mess with the Wrong Man in ‘Don’t Breathe 2’

Don’t Breathe 2 sees our blind protagonist take on a new group of home invaders, and they’ll wish they never crossed him.

The sequel is set years after the events of Don’t Breathe (2016), and we can see from the trailer that the Blind Man is raising an orphan girl and teaching her his deadly survival skills.

Stephen Lang reprises his role as the Blind Man in Don’t Breathe 2, and this time, he has to protect his protege from a new gang of home invaders.

The invaders, however, appear to know a secret about the dangerous recluse, a secret that may threaten his relationship with the girl.

The plot is relatively similar to the first film in that it’s essentially Lang’s character finding cool and intuitive ways to kill his attackers.

However, adding the daughter figure into his life adds a bit of heart to the story, and further humanises his character.

The mystery around the Blind Man’s history also makes for an intriguing aspect of the story, giving it a lot more depth.

The film looks intense and gloriously violent, which is expected coming from the creators of the Evil Dead (2013) remake and features excellent cinematography to set up the dark, atmospheric tone.

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Don’t Breathe 2 is directed by Rodo Sayagues off a script by Sayagues and the first film’s director Fede Alvarez.

Catch in theatres from 12 August 2021.

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