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Humorous Trailer for Heartfelt New Film ‘The Farewell’

Rising star Awkwafina features in the trailer for the heartfelt new dramedy film The Farewell from director Lulu Wang.

When a Chinese family learns the news that their grandmother has fallen ill and doesn’t have much time to live, they decide to keep it a secret from her and organise an impromptu wedding to get the family together to see her before she goes.

The Farewell looks like one of those rare gems that will be equal parts funny and heartbreaking.

The film contains some potentially divisive themes that could have audiences debating the morals that are touched on after seeing it.

Films like these always make good conversation pieces and often use humour as a way to lessen the impact of some controversial themes.

We can see in the trailer that the film touches upon the differences between Eastern and Western culture surrounding the topic of loss and how it’s handled between the cultures.

Deliberately hiding information about a terminally ill family member from said family member is virtually unheard of in the West, but seems to be common practice in Eastern, Chinese culture.

No matter what audiences take away from this heartfelt film, it’s almost certain they’ll need a box of tissues going into this one.

The film releases on 12 July 2019.

Nick Janks