Halle Berry Directs Herself in Netflix MMA Drama Film ‘Bruised’

Halle Berry plays a washed-up MMA fighter given a second chance at glory when her life takes a downward turn in Bruised.

Years removed from the cage, the one-time fighting superstar Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) is lured back in the ring after being noticed at a brutal underground fight.

Reluctantly she accepts, with the added pressure of raising the son she abandoned a long time ago.

Bruised marks Halle Berry’s directorial debut, herself an avid MMA fan.

As far as the premise goes, it’s a fairly rudimentary tale of redemption often seen in these types of inspirational sports films.

There’s always space for these films in the hearts of fans, however, as we love a good rise-from-the-ashes story.

Furthermore, the dramatic elements seem on point, and the production value is up to par, with Berry’s emotional connection to the sport only helping the film.

We recently saw the release of the Stephen Dorff-starring MMA drama Embattled, which had similar family-focused dramatic themes and that film was quite engaging, so it will be interesting to see how Bruised fares against it.

Bruised also features a first-time writer in Michelle Rosenfarb, and despite the lack of experience behind the scenes, the film’s trailer does look promising.

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Check out the film on Netflix from the 24th of November 2022.

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