Gritty First Teaser Trailer for Upcoming ‘Joker’ Movie Has Dropped

Joaquin Phoenix looks the goods in the first teaser trailer for the gritty supervillain film, Joker, from director Todd Phillips.

Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a down-on-his-luck comedian who descends into a world of madness to eventually become the infamous DC Comics villain, the Joker.

Directed by Todd Phillips of The Hangover (2009-13) films and more recently, War Dogs (2016)Joker will tell the origin story of the iconic supervillain.

Fleck always wanted to be a comedian, but when the horrors of life get in the way, he spirals down into becoming the murderous Joker.

The teaser trailer sets the tone for the film and it’s dark and gritty, as I’m sure fans were expecting it to be.

Martin Scorsese is producing the film and there’s definitely shades of his work present in this trailer from the likes of Taxi Driver (1976) and The King of Comedy (1982).

Aside from the awesome look and feel of the film, it’s Joaquin Phoenix that steals the show and he appears to fit the role perfectly.

The Joker has seen many an actor portray him on the big screen, and aside from Jared Leto’s rendition in Suicide Squad (2016), fans have usually been happy with the portrayals.

Phoenix is a natural at playing the deeply tormented type, so we can expect some great stuff from the actor in this one.

Joker looks to be shaping up nicely and it hits cinemas on 3 October 2019.

Check out the first teaser below.

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