‘Gold’ – Trailer for New Matthew McConaughey Film

It looks like Matthew McConaughey has gone full character-actor mode on us again in his portrayal of an entrepreneurial gold digger in the film, Gold.

Gold follows McConaughey’s character as he strikes it big after finding gold in the jungles of Indonesia with help from his cohort in Edgar Ramirez.

Going by the trailer, this film looks like it could be a highly entertaining and memorable film, with the style of the film portrayed in the trailer reminiscent of the likes of Scorcese.

Gold stars Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey, who has mastered the art of transforming his physical appearance to suit a variety of different characters he’s portrayed on-screen, with resounding success.

It seems to be the same case here again, as he looks to have captured his character’s appearance and traits perfectly once again.

Gold is based on true events and is directed by Stephen Gaghan who most recently directed the film Syriana (see my review here), only a paltry eleven years ago in 2005 – this will be his first feature film since then.

It also stars Edgar Ramirez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Corey Stoll and Toby Kebbell and is due on 25 December 2016 in the USA.

IMDB Synopsis:

An unlikely pair venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.


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