‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties’ – Trailer for Upcoming Film with Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning reunites with her The Beguiled co-star Nicole Kidman in the upcoming How to Talk to Girls at Parties, based on the writings of Neil Gaiman.

Fanning plays Zan, an alien that’s broken off from the rest of her crew and ended up in the dangerous London suburb of Croydon, circa 1970’s, a time where punk music was all the rage.

There she meets Enn (Alex Sharp), a young punk fan with whom she develops a relationship and learns the way of the (human) world.

Going by the trailer, the film looks like a fun fish-out-of-water type coming-of-age sci-fi film, set to the backdrop of punk-era London.

It’s directed by John Cameron Mitchell, whose past credits include the popular cult films Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) and Shortbus (2006).

Joining Fanning is her The Beguiled co-star Nicole Kidman (see my review here), along with Alex Sharp, Ruth Wilson, Stephen Campbell Moore and funnyman Matt Lucas.

The film premiered at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and was met with mostly negative reviews from the critics there, though I have a suspicion they might not be the target audience for this one.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties is based on a short story by renowned writer Neil Gaiman, and is due out on 1 December 2017 in Japan according to IMDB, while no local or American release date has been announced as yet.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if it’s one you plan to see in the comments.


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