‘Ghostbusters (1984)’ Trailer Recut as a Serious Horror Film

The classic supernatural comedy film Ghostbusters (1984) gets a new trailer, recut as a serious horror film in this funny video.

Ghostbusters is well known for it’s humorous take on the supernatural sub-genre of horror films, so it’s funny to see it recut as a deadly-serious horror film in the below trailer.

And like with all the other recut trailer’s I’ve posted here before, it works really well, and the content in the film could easily be cut into a terrifying horror film.

I’d take a proper-horror over a comedy one any day of the week which is why I found this video so intriguing, though it’s also great when a good horror-comedy film is released, as it can be hard to pull off – and Ghostbusters is regarded as one of the best.

The film became a huge success after it’s release in the mid 80’s, spawning a sequel in 89′, along with countless other media properties, and more recently, a reboot film featuring an all female cast (see our review here).

The 2016 reboot of the film was met with a mixed reaction, and it’s not known at this time whether the franchise will continue.

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Check out the funny video below, which comes to us from the Mashable Watercooler YouTube channel.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and if this version of Ghostbusters is one you’d watch.

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