‘Geostorm’ – Teaser for New Disaster Movie

Will this upcoming unnatural disaster movie from the producer of Independence Day be a disaster like most others that have preceded it is the question?

I like the premise of this film, which is kind of a new take on the disaster-film genre.

In Geostorm, the world’s weather systems are controlled by man-made technology until the machines decide to go rogue and wipe everything out on Earth.

It’s an interesting combination of evil-AI mixed in with world-ending geological events, wrapped up in an action-thriller film.

It could make for some entertaining viewing, though it’s hard to get excited for this one just yet until the full trailer is released.

The teaser below simply showcases some of catastrophic events that will appear in the movie and how they look, VFX-wise.

It appears the filmmakers have gotten the look of the film right, with some cool VFX shots featuring in the teaser.

Geostorm is directed by Dean Devlin and Danny Cannon, and stars Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Abbie Cornish and Jim Sturgess.

It’s due out in cinemas on 19 October 2017 in Australia, check out the first teaser below.

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