‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Practical Effects Video

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Fury Road, which showcases some of the amazing practical effects in the film. Crashes and explosions to follow.

The video below provides us with footage from the shoot of Fury Road, with emphasis on the film’s practical stunts and effects work, of which there was lots of.

That element was one of the best things about the film, giving it a more authentic look, as opposed to other big budget films that rely heavily on computer effects.

Fury Road went down the path of using practical first/computer second with its effects regime, with the final product making it one of the most exciting films of 2015, and possibly of all time.

Another thing you’ll notice in the video is just how dangerous these stunts and effects look, so kudos must be paid to the stunt-men and women, as well as the entire production crew of the film, for pulling it all off without any issues.

Modern day blockbuster filmmakers can – and should – look to George Miller’s methods when producing their own films, as it makes a huge difference when going practical-first.

Nolan did it with his Batman films and they all looked amazing, so if he and Miller can do it, so can the rest!

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