Funny Trailer for New Netflix Original Film – ‘Game Over, Man!’

The new Netflix Original action-comedy film Game Over, Man! comes to us from the creators of the hilarious TV show Workaholics, and it features the same twisted humour that show is well known for.

The film follows three friends who are about to have their video-game financed when their financier is held hostage by terrorists, forcing them to band together to take the enemy down.

Adam DeVine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson star in the lead roles as the three friends, and fans of Workaholics will instantly recognise that they’re essentially playing the same characters from that show, albeit with different names.

It makes me wonder why this wasn’t simply titled Workaholics: The Movie, but in any case the film should be pretty funny judging by the first trailer, especially to anyone that’s a fan of the series.

Co-creator and writer of the Workaholics TV series Kyle Newacheck directs, so we can be sure to expect the same type of crude humour that is so prominent in the TV series.

The trailer for this film doesn’t feature too much of that particular humour, but I have a feeling it’s holding a lot back.

Game Over, Man! is due to drop on Netflix on 23 March 2018.

Check out the funny trailer below, as well as a clip from Workaholics for anyone that hasn’t seen any of it before.

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