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Sony’s Surprise Hit ‘Venom’ Gets a Funny Honest Trailer

Check out this new funny Honest Trailer for Sony’s smash hit Venom starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.

Venom receives a funny Honest Trailer, with the critically panned box office hit having no shortage of things to make fun of.

The fan-favourite comic-book character Venom made his debut in the much-maligned film Spider-Man 3 (2007) from director Sam Raimi.

The film wasn’t very well received, and Topher Grace’s portrayal of the character as well as Venom’s overall introduction to Sony’s Spider-Man film universe, did not sit well with fans and critics.

Fast forward 10 years and Sony decided to give it another crack, releasing a Venom solo movie from director Ruben Fleischer.

The movie wasn’t received well by critics, but can be counted as a success for the studio based on its box office earnings of over $800 million USD worldwide.

The bottom-line is generally all that matters when it comes to mainstream blockbusters like these, so the negative reviews will have no bearing on future Venom films, of which I believe, a sequel has been green-lit already.

Venom was a mostly generic origin movie while providing enough entertainment value, along with some cool VFX and action set-pieces to please audiences.

Anyone that’s seen the movie should get a kick out of this Honest Trailer.

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Nick Janks