‘The Foreigner’ – Trailer for New Jackie Chan Action-Thriller

Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan star in this grounded action-thriller from the director of Casino Royale (2006) and Goldeneye (1995).

Restaurant owner Quan (Jackie Chan) goes on a mission of revenge after his daughter is killed in a bombing by Irish terrorists.

Plot-wise there’s nothing new here, however the pairing of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in this film is intriguing.

Both actors have been on top of the world at one point or another in their careers, though are now mostly out of the international circuit, starring in smaller films like this one, an all too-familiar occurrence in Hollywood.

While they might not be mainstream stars any more, there is obviously a crowd for their work, and there is always a crowd for action-thrillers like The Foreigner.

Based on the trailer, the film looks like it will have a very grounded tone, and feature raw action sequences, unlike the comedic-style of action we’re used to in Jackie Chan films.

It’s a nice change of pace for the actor, and should be interesting to see how he handles an action role with a bit more of a dramatic undertone.

The Foreigner is due for release on 30 September 2017 in China and 13 October in the USA, check out the first trailer below and a leave a comment with your thoughts.


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