First Official Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Will Scare You… Maybe

Stephen King’s popular novel IT gets a modern film adaptation and its first trailer, however does it look like it will be scary?

It actually looked a bit silly to me.

I don’t think clowns are as scary as they once used to be, or I could just be too old to be scared by them.

However, I imagine that there are plenty of people that still find clowns scary, and if that is the case, then good luck to them sleeping at night after seeing this.

Children begin to go missing in the town of Derry, Maine, when a group of young children are forced to face their fears after having to square off against the evil clown Pennywise.

One thing I can’t complain about however is, the filmmakers have nailed the look-and-feel of IT, as it features some gorgeous photography, as well as some potentially terrifying scenes.

It’s directed by Andrés Muschietti, who directed the 2013 horror film Mama – a horror that wasn’t really scary.

Being a big fan of Stephen King’s film adaptations in general, I hope Muschietti and his team can deliver the goods on this one.

The film is due out on 7 September 2017, check out the official trailer below and let us know in the comments if you find this type of thing scary.

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