A Radio Show is Under Siege in Thrilling Trailer for ‘Feedback’

A shock-jock must stay on the air while being harassed by intruders during his radio show in the new horror-thriller, Feedback.

Billed as being “from the creators of REC (2007) and The Shallows (2016),” horror-thriller Feedback is an edge-of-your-seat home-invasion-style flick that looks surprisingly good.

The directorial debut of Spanish filmmaker Pedro C. Alonso, Feedback stars Eddie Marsan as late-night radio DJ Jarvis Dolan.

Hosting a show known as The Grim Reality, Dolan is a shock-jock not afraid to speak his mind no matter the consequences.

Set to blow the lid on a huge football scandal, the studio he’s working in is taken over by hooded intruders who force Dolan to stay on-air while attempting to coerce him to expose the truth about a dark secret.

Adding fuel to the fire is the arrival of Dolan’s daughter Julia and her untrustworthy boyfriend Samuel, who are both held hostage by the intruders, and the mysterious Andrew Wilde, a man who may hold the key to the entire night’s events.

The cast also includes Paul Anderson (Arthur in TV’s Peaky Blinders), Ivana Baquero, Richard Brake (soon to appear in Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell) and Anthony Head.

This is an interesting take on the home-invasion sub-genre that helped make films such as The Strangers (2008) and Hush (2016) moderate successes.

Whether Feedback can achieve a similar result is debatable, but with the screen presence of Marsan and the creepy masks the intruders are wearing, I for one am looking forward to watching this flick.

Feedback is set for release on 26 August 2019.

Check out the trailer below.

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