Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Seek their Father in ‘Father Figures’ – Trailer

Father Figures sees the pairing of Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, as they go on a journey to seek out their biological father, with hilarious consequences.

Kyle and Peter (Owen Wilson and Ed Helms) have after 40 years been told the truth by their mother Helen (Glenn Close), that their biological father (whom they believed was deceased) is still out there somewhere.

The two then go on a road trip to find their long lost father, meeting some interesting characters along the way, some of whom may, or may not be their actual father.

The trailer for this one looks like it will have a fair amount of laughs, and features an outstanding comedic cast that along with our two leads, features Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, J.K. Simmons and Christopher Walken, in the roles of their potential fathers.

The film is directed by Lawrence Sher, who makes his directorial debut here, after serving as a cinematographer on many comedy films prior, including the 3 Hangover films, Due Date (2010) and The Dictator (2012), to name a few.

Jumping from cinematography into the director’s chair is no small task, though Sher has been around plenty of world class talent in front of and behind the camera in his career to date, so the transition should be easier.

Father Figures releases across cinemas on 22 December 2017 in the USA.

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