Things Aren’t as they Seem on ‘Fantasy Island’ – Trailer

Blumhouse Productions brings us their latest feature with Fantasy Island, the upcoming modern update of the famed 70s TV series of the same name.

The mysterious Mr Rourke (Michael Peña) runs a remote island where his guests get to live out their most fantastic dreams.

When the guest’s dreams begin to turn to nightmares, however, they’ll be forced to try and escape with their lives.

The film is based on the premise of the 70s TV series created by Gene Levitt.

I’m not too familiar as to whether or not the original series had a horror element to it, though director Jeff Wadlow’s modern update has gone in that direction.

The film’s first trailer features some glorious imagery of the island and its guests having a grand old time until they discover the island’s dark secrets.

The guests, which include Maggie Q, Lucy Hale and Portia Doubleday begin to experience horrific consequences after their fantasies come true.

Fantasy Island looks like an intriguing new horror film from the production company that’s brought us modern horror classics like Get Out (2017) and the Happy Death Day (2017-) films (ok that second franchise shouldn’t be classed as a modern horror classic, but those films were super entertaining).

The film is due for release on 14 February 2020, check out the first trailer below.

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