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Pregnancy is Scarier than Usual in A24 Horror Film ‘False Positive’

Ilana Glazer stars as a mother suspicious of the fetus growing inside her in the new A24 horror-thriller film, False Positive.

Glazer plays Lucy, who, along with her partner Adrian (Justin Theroux), has struggled to fall pregnant.

In comes the recognised fertility doctor, Dr Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), who helps Lucy conceive.

However, things turn strange when Lucy begins to feel there’s something seriously off about the baby insider her and suspects the good doctor is in on it.

It can be a strenuous time for any couple trying to conceive when luck is against them, and the film aims to exploit the associated stressful emotions with a horror movie twist.

The trailer suggests that the baby inside Lucy is demonic and was implanted there by Dr Hindle.

It would seem that even her partner might be privy to the situation, causing Lucy to become paranoid.

It’s a theme that mirrors the all-time classic Rosemary’s Baby (1968), and it looks like a worthy tribute based on what we see in the trailer.

False Positive looks thrilling and horrific and is perfectly cast, and coming from the production company that brought us Hereditary (2018) and Midsommar (2019), we can be sure to expect some brutal moments that will stick for a long time after.

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The film is directed by John Lee and will hit American streaming service Hulu on 25 June 2021.

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