Deadly Game of Survival in Trailer for New Film ‘Escape Room’

In Escape Room, six random strangers enter an ‘escape room’ and are forced to solve puzzles to exit each room – or die.

Sony’s new horror/thriller sees a group of strangers enter an escape room game, with the promise of a million dollars to the winner.

This isn’t just any old escape room type game, however, as the consequences of failing to solve a puzzle to exit a room equals death.

Like the real-life concept of these games, the players need to solve clues and riddles found in each room, to exit the current room and proceed to the next – eventually exiting the game altogether.

The film appears to be going for a deadly-serious tone judging by its first trailer, and it looks rather intriguing.

It’s reminiscent of the cult-classic horror film Cube (1997) but updated to modern standards and audiences.

The film comes from director Adam Robitel, who most recently directed Insidious: The Last Key (2018).

That film didn’t fare too well amongst critics, so maybe Escape Room could be the hit Robitel is looking for.

It stars Deborah Ann Woll (from TV’s Daredevil and True Blood), Tyler Labine and Taylor Russell amongst other up-and-coming, lesser-known actors.

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The film is due for release on 4 January 2019, check out the first trailer below!

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