Trailer for New Indigenous-Australian Tear-Jerker ‘Emu Runner’

Emu Runner is a new Australian film that tells the story of a girl who bonds with an emu after the death of her mother.

The film follows the story of nine-year-old Gem (Rhae-Kye Waites), who after the death of her mother, begins to bond with an emu as a way to cope with her grief.

Set in an isolated Indigenous-Australian community, Gem’s bond with the bird will put her at odds with a young and inexperienced social worker.

The film’s trailer doesn’t reveal too much outside of the basic plot-points, though it sets the tone for what is expected to be an emotional, heartwarming story about family, love and loss.

We can also see that writer/director Imogen Thomas will also be tackling themes surrounding social issues in Indigenous-Australian communities, which should make for some profound viewing.

Australian drama films with a focus on Indigenous communities can often be devastating (see 2017’s Sweet Country and 2016’s Goldstone, both remarkable films), though it looks as though Emu Runner is setting out to inspire hope with its touching tale.

Thomas makes her feature film directorial debut and Wayne Blair and Georgia Blizzard co-star.

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You can catch Emu Runner in cinemas from 14 October 2018.

Check out the trailer below.

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