Elsa and Anna Venture Into Uncharted Territory in 2nd Trailer for ‘Frozen 2’

Elsa and Anna, along with their regular Frozen crew head into an enchanted forest in order to find the origin of Elsa’s powers and save their kingdom in Frozen 2.

Elsa’s (Idina Menzel) magical powers have always been a mystery to her and those around her, when one day she hears a strange sound from the north calling to her.

Rumour has it that there is an enchanted forest up that way that holds the secret to Elsa’s magical powers, so she, alongside Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad) and Sven, head on a journey to uncover the forest’s mysteries and save their kingdom, which has recently come under threat.

The second trailer for Frozen 2 highlights the above journey that Elsa and Anna take, both physically and spiritually, as this is also looks like a journey of self-discovery for them.

The theme of finding one’s self is laid on heavy in this film and is a perfect reflection of the life-stage of its intended young audience (no wonder these films are so successful).

As expected from a Disney animation, the visual style is gorgeous and the characters seem to be well fleshed out and relatable.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee are back on board for this sequel, which should end up being just as popular as the first film.

Check out Frozen 2 in cinemas from 26 Decembwer 2019 in Australia, and from 22 November 2019 in the USA.

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