Eddie Murphy Returns for ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

Paramount has given the green light for Coming To America 2 to go ahead with Eddie Murphy on-board reprising his role from the 1988 comedy classic.

The original saw Murphy play an African Prince who travels to the United States pretending to be an everyday citizen in a quest to find love.

The film was a huge success, grossing $128 million at the domestic box office.

News first emerged of a sequel in 2017, with unconfirmed reports of Eddie Murphy working on a follow-up script.

Following on from this, news of heavy hitters such as Warm Bodies (2013) director Jonathan Levine was to direct while Black-ish creator Kenya Barris was handling the script.

Bringing us up to the present day, according to Deadline, it seems Eddie Murphy will definitely return to play Prince Akeem for a second instalment.

Barris is still involved for script duties, taking over a previous draft from Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, the original Coming To America writers.

Craig Brewer (2005’s Hustle & Flow) has replaced Levine for directing duties.

Reportedly, the sequel will see the Prince return to America after learning he has a long lost son.

coming to america part 2

Keen to meet the heir to the throne of Zamunda, the sequel will also see the original movie’s full cast, including Arsenio Hall (playing Semmi), Shari Headley (love interest Lisa McDowell), John Amos (McDonald’s-imitating fast-food entrepreneur Cleo McDowell) and James Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer) return.

This sequel wouldn’t be complete without the return of the array of characters both Murphy and Hall brought to life in the original.

Coming to America 2 will be an exciting film for fans of the original and for Murphy as he rarely does comedy these days.

For such an iconic role as this, it will be exciting to see the result.

We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in and in the meantime, check out this funny clip from the original film:


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