New Trailer for Drew Goddard’s ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ Has Dropped

The new trailer for Drew Goddard’s Bad Times at the El Royale has been released and we’re still not any closer to knowing what it’s about – but it does look like fun.

The film follows seven strangers, with seven secrets, whose lives happen to converge at the ‘El Royale’ hotel on the border of Nevada and Calfornia.

What they don’t know is that they are being watched, and judging by the trailer, things go dark pretty quick as we see glimpses of violence and shadowy figures.

All of this with a mix of black comedy and an all-star cast make for one entertaining and exciting trailer for this film.

Drew Goddard, known for writing and directing the popular horror film The Cabin in the Woods (2012), as well as taking writing credit on Ridley Scott’s The Martian (2015) is at the helm here.

He directs an all-star cast that includes Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm, Cailee Spaeny, Lewis Pullman, Nick Offerman and Chris Hemsworth.

This new trailer sets much of the tone that we can expect from the film, while carefully not revealing too much of the plot outside of the basic premise.

That can only mean that there is likely plenty of twists in this film, which is always great.

This quirky mystery-thriller film hits cinemas on 11 October 2018.

Check out the awesome new trailer below.

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