Seriously Disturbing Trailer for Upcoming Horror Film ‘Antlers’

Check out the disturbing trailer for the upcoming horror film Antlers from director Scott Cooper starring Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons.

The ominous and disturbing trailer for Antlers has dropped and in it, we can see that it tells the story of a young boy who is caring for a horrific creature.

We see glimpses of the boy taking the creature some dead animals for food as it begins to grow and come to life.

Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons play a teacher and local town sheriff who become intertwined in the evolving, terrifying story.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much of what happens once the creature spawns, though there’ll surely be some violent consequences.

The film looks dark and unsettling and would mark as director Scott Cooper’s first foray into horror, having previously directed films like Black Mass (2015), Hostiles (2017) and the Oscar-winning film Crazy Heart (2009).

I’m always cautious when it comes to getting excited about horror films like this one as they often don’t meet expectations, though Antlers features a good cast with a highly competent director.

Keri Russell can be seen in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Jesse Plemons recently featured in El Camino: A Breaking Bad story for Netflix.

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Cooper does drama quite well so it will be interesting to see how his style translates over to the horror genre.

Antlers is due for release some time in 2020, check out the trailer below.

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