Adam Devine Plays a Struggling Magician in Disney’s ‘Magic Camp’

Comedic actors Adam Devine and Gillian Jacobs play rival magicians in the new Disney+ family film, Magic Camp.

Andy (Devine) returns to Magic Camp at the request of his former mentor, Roy (Jeffrey Tambor), to counsel a new generation of aspiring magicians while trying to reignite his own career.

He’s left in charge of a group of misfit campers that he has to inspire, while confronting his nemesis, Christina Darkwood (Jacobs), and her team of bully campers.

Magic Camp is a family-friendly Disney+ original film that’s suitable for all ages and looks like it features a lot of laughs.

Summer camp movies have been a common sub-genre of cinema, and the setting usually makes for a good comedy, family, or horror film.

Magic Camp’s young actors received training from real-life magicians in pre-production to build their confidence in doing tricks, which should add an element of authenticity to that aspect of the film.

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It’s directed by Mark Waters, who previously directed Freaky Friday (2003) for Disney, as well as Bad Santa 2 (2016), Vampire Academy (2014), and the cult teen-movie classic, Mean Girls (2004).

The film looks like a good time for all Disney fans and releases exclusively on Disney+ on 14 August 2020.

Check out the trailer below!

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