Disney Rumoured to Buy Netflix

The company that owns Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm may add a certain streaming giant to the list.

Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm have seen the company bring in record numbers of profit in 2016, and if the rumours are true and they purchase Netflix, they’ll become the most unstoppable force in entertainment today.

Marvel and Lucasfilm have seen massive successes under the entertainment company’s banner, with The Force Awakens and many of Marvel’s recent films earning mountains of dollars, so it’s safe to assume this can only be a good thing for Netflix’s further domination of the streaming industry.

Current Disney CEO Bob Iger is rumoured to retire in 2018, with a possible replacement being Reed Hastings, otherwise known as the head honcho at Netflix.

Netflix is currently leading the entertainment streaming service industry across the globe, so an acquisition by the largest multi-faceted entertainment company on Earth seems like a no-brainer, though what would it mean for Netflix’s future?

Netflix has promised to invest a lot of their money into original programming, which they have been doing recently with success.

A Disney purchase would likely not change that, however we may see a lot more of their titles on the service.

At the moment Disney already has a deal in place with Netflix to stream their cinematic content first after their theatrical run, so the wheels already appear to be in motion and should Netflix end up belonging to them, we may even see Disney’s entire back catalogue on the service.

I can only see positives coming out of this potential purchase, though only time will tell and we’ll post more details as they become available.

Source: Collider

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