‘The Disaster Artist’ Trailer – The Room Fans Get Ready to Laugh

The Room (2003) is one of the worst things ever to have been put to film – The Disaster Artist is a film about the making of that film.

Despite being frequently referred to as ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’, the cult classic The Room has far more fans than it does critics.

The completely oblivious awfulness of Tommy Wiseau’s film generates enough unintentional comedy to have kept audiences entertained for years.

The Disaster Artist is a film about the making of The Room, based on a book by one of the film’s stars in Greg Sestero.

So, in essence, it’s a movie, based on a book, based on another movie.

The complexity of its inception is a true tribute to the complexity of The Room’s elusive creator, Tommy Wiseau.

The teaser trailer released last night gives audiences a glimpse at the making of one of the film’s most famous scenes, with James Franco playing Wiseau, and Seth Rogen and Dave Franco filling out the rest of the main cast.

While the quality of The Disaster Artist cannot yet be spoken for, the quality of The Room certainly can.

And for those who haven’t seen it, perhaps the best description of it I’ve ever read was given by IMDb user ‘Rogansi’ in the film’s User Review section: “It was as if a deer made a movie about human interaction, unable to comprehend what it is to be a human being”.

Well said, Rogansi.

Franco also directs, and the film is due out on 8 December in the USA.

Room fans leave a comment below – are you keen on this?


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