Cult Horror Movie ‘Wrong Turn’ Gets a Reboot and the Trailer Has Arrived

The 2003 cult horror movie Wrong Turn spawned five sequels, with the latest film in the series marking a reboot for the franchise.

Wrong Turn follows a group of friends hiking on the Appalachian Trail when they’re confronted by a community of mountain-folk with murderous intent.

The original 2003 film starred Eliza Dushku and followed a similar story that saw a group of teens stuck out in the woods following their car breaking down, who are then hunted by grotesque murderers living in the woods.

It was cheesy, gruesome, horror movie fun that was popular enough to warrant five sequels over the next eleven years (though the sequels were all mostly direct-to-video).

Come 2021 and the series has been rebooted by director Mike P. Nelson and the original film’s writer, Alan B. McElroy.

The new version has been modernized with a more grounded look-and-feel, which should make it that much more brutal and terrifying, perfect for current-day horror fans.

While the story is essentially the same as the 2003 cult horror movie original, we can see that the legend of the murderous mountain-people may be further explored in this film, and horror movies that see young people get lost in the woods and killed is always a fun genre trope to revisit.

Wrong Turn stars Charlotte Vega, Emma Dumont, and Matthew Modine, and is due in cinemas sometime in 2021.

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