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Clint Eastwood Dons His Best Western Hat in ‘Cry Macho’ Trailer

In his new film, Cry Macho, prolific actor/director Clint Eastwood delivers a touching tale of personal redemption.

Eastwood plays Miko, a former professional rodeo star and horse breeder, now far removed from his once proud life.

At the request of his former boss, Howard (Dwight Yoakam), Miko is sent to Mexico to bring his young son back home, facing danger along the way while finding redemption through teaching the boy the merits of being a man.

Clint Eastwood takes the notion of masculinity and turns it into a lesson of humility as he teaches the boy under his wing what it takes (and doesn’t) to be a man.

His world-weariness makes him a reliable authority on the topic as long he can hold back his grumpy demeanour as he comes to grips with his faults in the journey across the border.

Eastwood has never been one to try and be too clever in conveying his films’ key message, and such is the case with Cry Macho.

The themes surrounding machismo are profound and poignant but are way too transparent if the trailer is anything to go on.

Despite this, Eastwood’s new drama film looks like an engaging tale of a man coming to terms with a life long-lived, now able to pass wisdom to a new generation.

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Cry Macho seems like a fitting swan song for the director, who surely must be at the end of his multiple-decade-spanning career.

Eastwood has nothing left to prove in the craft of filmmaking and acting and would be forgiven were he to bow out of the game with this one.

Check out Cry Macho in cinemas from 4 November 2021.

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