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Crispin Glover Steals the Show in Trailer for New Crime Flick ‘Lucky Day’

Crispin Glover plays a maniacal ‘French’ hitman in the upcoming crime film Lucky Day from director Roger Avary.

Luke Bracey plays Red, a recently released convict who is hunted down by Luc (Glover), a crazy contract killer out for revenge for the death of his brother.

The psychotic Luc will take down anyone that stands in his way to get to Red, including some that don’t.

Lucky Day comes to us from the director of 2002’s The Rules of Attraction and 1993’s Killing Zoe (both great films), Roger Avary.

Avary also famously co-wrote Pulp Fiction (1994) with Quentin Tarantino, earning the pair an Oscar win for best screenplay.

The film looks like a bit of fun and features a whole lot of violence, which comes as no surprise considering Avary’s past works.

The new red-band trailer below seems to give away some of the best kills in the film, which is a shame, so here’s hoping there’s some good stuff left for the final product.

Aussie actor Luke Bracey has been trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood over the past few years with roles in films like Hacksaw Ridge (2016) and Point Break (2015), so this one should be a nice addition to his résumé.

Crispin Glover, however, has been a stalwart of the industry for several years now having featured in films like Back to the Future (1985) and Willard (2003) amongst many others.

The character-actor has a tendency to play mostly scene-stealing, small roles and it’s no different here either.

Lucky Day is due out in select cinemas in the US on 11 October 2019, as well as on-demand.

Check out the cool trailer below.

Nick Janks