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Covid Situation Gets a Whole Lot Worse in Trailer for ‘Songbird’

If you thought the Covid situation was bad now, wait until you see Michael’s Bay version of events in the new movie, Songbird.

Songbird is set in a near-future that sees the world in its 4th year of lockdown, as the newly mutated virus, Covid 23, ravages communities.

Things are a lot worse for citizens of the United States in this version of events, with mass quarantine zones set up to keep the sick under control, where the government will do anything to make Covid-affected people comply.

The fearless courier, Nico (K.J. Apa), who is immune to the virus, races across the desolate streets of LA on a mission to save the woman he loves, Sara (Sofia Carson), from capture or something far worse.

If anyone was going to capitalize on the Covid situation that everyone around the world is currently experiencing, it’s Michael Bay.

Bay only serves as a producer here, though his fans will certainly be able to notice his influence on the film’s visual style and nervously erratic tone.

The film looks to take the current Covid situation and exacerbate it for effect, and it appears that director Adam Mason and his team, which also includes a producer of the popular horror film, A Quiet Place (2018), have managed to do just that, based on the first trailer below.

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The film depicts what seems like a plausible, dystopian worst-case-scenario and one that should have an emotional effect on viewers.

Songbird co-stars Bradley Whitford, Craig Robinson, Demi Moore, Alexandra Daddario, and Peter Stormare, and is due for release soon.

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