‘It Comes at Night’ – New Trailer for Upcoming Horror Film

Australia’s Joel Edgerton stars in the upcoming horror film It Comes at Night, which looks completely terrifying judging by the new trailer.

It’s genuinely hard to find a horror movie these days that will chill you to the bone, however if the trailers for this film are anything to go by, then director Trey Edward Shults may have something special here.

It Comes at Night sees a family led by Edgerton’s character take in another young family seeking refuge in their home in the wilderness, afraid of an unnatural threat in the outside world.

The trailer doesn’t reveal the threat, however it does appear to have something to do with a sickness.

I can only hope this isn’t another zombie-horror film as they’ve been done-to-death already, however if it is then let it at least be a unique take on the sub-genre.

The film comes to us from the production company A24, which has been on an excellent run as of late, producing quality films like The Witch (2016 – our review here), Moonlight (2016 – our review hereand Green Room (2016 – our review here).

They certainly know how to make a good horror film that’s for sure, and you can check out their full list of releases here – very impressive stuff.

The film stars Joel Edgerton and Riley Keough, and is due out in cinemas on 25 June 2017.

Check out the creepy new trailer below.

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