‘Come True’ is an Enthralling Audio-Visual Feast of Sci-Fi Horror

Come True takes audiences on a deep dive into the psyche of a troubled teen battling her inner demons of mental illness, sleep disorder, and broken home life.

Director Anthony Scott Burns manages a delicate balance of suspense and uncertainty that even the uninitiated in the ‘scary movie’ category are sure to enjoy.

Come True follows Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) through her life which seems to be falling apart. As life at home is less than ideal for Sarah, she never sleeps there, whether it be a friend’s spare bed or a slide at a park; anything seems better than home.

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During her search for a safe place to sleep, she spots an ad for a sleep study; seeing this as a chance to have somewhere warm and safe to sleep for a short period, she jumps on the opportunity. Sarah soon finds herself in the depths of her subconscious exploring her nightmares and realises there might be more to this study than she initially thought.

The tone and overall feel of this film is incredible, primarily due to its enthralling score. For those unfamiliar with director Anthony Scott Burns’ work, he is also a very talented musician alongside his career as a filmmaker.

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With two record labels to his name and four albums released over the last decade, it’s fair to say Burns knows a little something about sound. From the soundtrack and the instruments painting a picture in waveform, Burns’s atmospheric sound effects enhance the ambiguity of thought displayed in the film. The director’s knowledge of audio shows.

Julia Sarah Stone delivers an incredible performance which only scratches the surface of mental illness and sleeping disorders in teens in what is an incredibly well put together film. From cast performances to sound and imagery, Come True is certainly worth watching, although Burns’ love of cliches leaks through towards the latter half of the film.

Fun Fact:

Come True is produced by Vincenzo Natali, the cult movie director of Cube (1997) and Splice (2009).

Come True
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Anthony Scott Burns
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Christopher Heatherington
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