‘Clash of the Titans 3D’ – Review

Just like the plot of the film, Clash of the Titans takes the viewing audience to hell and back.

Clash of the Titans tells the story of the man-god Perseus (Sam Worthington) and the consequences of man’s defiance of the Gods. When man’s belief in the Gods starts to diminish, Zeus (Liam Neeson) sends his scheming brother and god of the underworld Hades (Ralph Fiennes) to send man a dire warning of death and destruction, to be unleashed by the mythical creature – the Krakken. Zeus’s half-human son Perseus is man’s only hope against the vengeful Gods, and is sent upon a journey with a team of army-men to slay the creature Medusa, in order to eventually be able to defeat the mighty Krakken.

The film’s story is tarnished with its many badly choreographed, over-the-top action sequences, poor acting and little to no character development. The film’s CGI is of a high standard as expected in blockbuster films of today, however the action scenes lack continuity in some parts, making them hard to follow. The set pieces are epic, however the plot generally jumps from one battle to the next with little time in between to develop the film’s characters.

The film’s characters never appear to convey enough emotion and they all appear to be played with a lack of interest, making it impossible to get attached to any of the characters and their plight. Worthington is just passable as Perseus and his role appears to have required very little acting ability (he does not hide his Aussie accent at all which is a bit off-putting). Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes also do very little to give this film any acting credibility as their roles are equally tainted, with a lack of effort and no good dialogue to work with.

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You’d hope that with all this film’s downfalls in the narrative that at least the film’s 3D would provide that extra touch of enjoyment – it doesn’t. The film wasn’t shot with 3D in mind and the producers sent it back to get the 3D added after the film was made – and it shows. The 3D provides very little depth of field and the glasses make the film look extra gloomy. The film looked better and more vibrant without the 3D glasses.

Overall, Clash of the Titans is just another typical Hollywood blockbuster. It is purely an action centrepiece with no care taken to provide any narrative enjoyment. It is just watchable and barely worth the price of admission – especially the 3D ticket price. If you must watch it then my recommendation is to watch the standard 2D cut of the film, or wait for Blu-Ray.

Fun Fact:

Sam Worthington’s sandals are Nike trainers with toes painted on them; he didn’t wear sandals because he needed shoes to perform the stunts well.

Clash of the Titans 3D
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