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‘Chuck’ – Trailer for New Boxing Biopic

Check out the trailer for the upcoming boxing biopic Chuck, to find out the story of the man that inspired the iconic movie character Rocky Balboa.

Chuck follows the story of Chuck Wepner, a former heavyweight boxing champion that inspired Sylvester Stallone to write his popular character Rocky Balboa.

The Rocky movies set Stallone up for superstardom, and as for Wepner, well his claim to fame as being the man behind Rocky wasn’t so glamourous.

Boxing movies have always been adored by film fans and judging by the trailer, Chuck could very well be one of the more memorable films based on the sport.

The film is directed by Philippe Falardeau and stars Liev Schreiber in the lead role, who appears to be in top form for this one.

Naomi Watts, Elisabeth Moss and Ron Perlman round out the stellar supporting cast.

Chuck hits American theatres on 5 May 2017, however no word as yet on a local Australian release date.

Nick Janks