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Chris Hemsworth Takes the Fight to the Taliban in ’12 Strong’ Trailer

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, retaliation was one of the first things that the American government and Army pursued, as featured in the upcoming film, 12 Strong.

12 Strong tells the true story of twelve soldiers who had the odds stacked against them after being placed in the middle of Taliban territory to try and make the wrong things right.

The film appears to show the human side of what’s at stake when it comes to war and what everyone is risking, and also seems to question what they are actually fighting for.

Chris Hemsworth takes a break from the Marvel universe, stepping into more serious territory as the leader of the group.

In support is a strong list of actors including the ever reliable Michael Shannon and Michael Peña.

The action set pieces look as though they are well choreographed and gung-ho patriotism seems to be on show as they confront the enemy on horseback against military tanks.

The trailer seems to focus mainly on the heroism of the group and with a solid list of actors on display, hopefully 12 Strong can deliver a war film that sends a message of what we are actually fighting for.

The film releases across cinemas on 19 January 2018, check out the trailer below.

Luke Banyai