Casey Affleck to Write and Star in His Own Superhero Film

Casey Affleck, the Oscar nominated actor appears to be following in brother Ben’s shoes and developing a film about a super-powered anti-hero.

The film will be titled ‘Villain’, and will see Affleck write and star in it.

As per Variety the film’s synopsis is as follows:

The movie is set in a city overrun with crime. Affleck’s character loses everything of meaning in his life when a brutal home invasion leaves his family dead and two bullets lodged in his head. He develops a unique power in the wake of his trauma — an ability to see into people’s pasts, presents, and futures — and goes on a mission of revenge to find the men who killed his family, and in the process clean up his city long overdue for justice.

But as his vigilante acts become more frequent and violent in nature, his arrival as the city’s hero may instead be the announcement of its most prolific villain.

As a fan of Casey Affleck, this is good news for the actor as he should possibly be receiving more recognition in the industry and landing larger roles.

Even though this film will likely be a smaller film in comparison to what brother Ben is currently locked into, it may whet the appetite for fans who are after something a little different in the superhero genre, and still potentially bring in the crowds.

With Ben all over the Hollywood spotlight at the moment, it would be good to see Casey right up there as well, as he is a high-calibre actor that can do it all.

For anyone that hasn’t seen much of Casey Affleck’s work, check him out in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), Gone Baby Gone (2007) and this year’s crime film Triple 9 (see my review here).

Villain is set to be directed by danish director Mikael Marcimain, who won the international critic’s award at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for his film Call Girl.

The film is still in early development and we’ll have more news as it’s made available.

In the meantime check out the trailer below for Affleck’s film Gone Baby Gone, which is excellent viewing.

Source: Variety

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