Casey Affleck Tries to Keep His Child Safe in New Thriller ‘Light of My Life’

A film set in a world where all the women on earth have died is eyebrow-raising, to say the least, but when you discover the film was written and directed by Casey Affleck, things get even murkier.

While there’s no denying Casey Affleck’s talent, one must remember he has settled two different lawsuits where he was accused of sexual misconduct, so being involved in a film where women no longer exist is not only weird but also controversial.

As far as the trailer goes, it looks very similar to John Hillcoat’s The Road (2009), with Affleck trying to protect his child, Rag (newcomer Anna Pniowsky), who just happens to be the last remaining female on the planet.

This post-apocalyptic drama looks like a decent enough film and has received solid reviews from critics so far.

The film also stars Elisabeth Moss who can next be seen in the DC Comics graphic novel adaptation of The Kitchen.

Light of My Life hits theatres on 9 August 2019.

Check out the trailer below.

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