‘Cars 3’ – Second Teaser Trailer for Upcoming Pixar Animation

This second teaser for Cars 3 introduces us to a couple of new characters, but doesn’t offer anything in the way of a look into the story unfortunately.

The first teaser that was released a few weeks ago had a bit of a heavy theme, focusing on a big crash that may be featured in the film.

It felt rather dramatic for a Pixar film, but also very intriguing.

This second teaser however, features no drama or intrigue, but rather just serves as a showcase to introduce a couple of new characters.

The style is cool; shot in a way a motoring company would shoot a reveal for one of their newest supercars, and the animation is excellent.

Cars (2006) was a big success for Pixar, however the 2011 sequel – not so much.

This is Disney-Pixar after all though, so another film in the franchise was inevitable, and they’ve been on a tear the last couple of years, not only at the box-office, but with the great quality of their films.

Cars 3 features the voice talents of Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin and Tony Shalhoub to name a few, and releases in the USA on 16 June 2017.

Check out the second teaser trailer below.

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