‘Cars 3’ – New Trailer for Upcoming Pixar Animation

A new trailer has been released for Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3, giving us a detailed look at the film’s plot – a worryingly typical-looking plot that is.

Cars 3 sees the film’s protagonist Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) at the tail-end of his career after a big accident shortens his racing lifespan dramatically.

Lightning must then face his biggest challenge yet – himself.

As the new kid on the block Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) begins to overshadow Lightning’s legacy, Lightning must find it in his himself to come back and prove that he can race again, for at least one more time.

Cars 3 appears to have the same basic plot as most other sports-related films, along with themes found in almost every film that Pixar releases.

These are kids films after all though, and with each new Pixar release comes a new generation of kids to re-tell this type of story to.

As an adult watching these films however, it feels like each new Pixar animation is a re-hash of the one that came before it, just with different characters.

Disney/Pixar still do have the capacity to surprise me though – Toy Story 3 (2010) got me good, and I thought Zootopia (2016) was amazing.

Okay so Zootopia wasn’t a Pixar film, but you get the idea.

Cars 3 hits Australian cinemas on  22 June 2017.

What do you think of the new trailer below, am I being too harsh on the film too soon?

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