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Business Partners and Friends are Tested in New Comedy ‘Like a Boss’

Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish star as business partners and besties who must attempt to save their business and later, their friendship in Like a Boss.

The two leading ladies play best friends with different ideals who start a cosmetics company together.

They soon find themselves in a world of debt when an investor in the form of Salma Hayek comes along to save them.

Their newfound fortune will test the women’s friendship, however.

We didn’t get much of any issues forming between these besties-come-business-partners based on this first-look trailer, though we did get a good look at the comedic tone the film is going for.

It definitely looks like a film with lots of goofy humour and funny, sassy leading ladies.

There was a small amount to giggle at which isn’t the best sign, but I have a feeling the best laughs are being saved for the final product.

Like a Boss is directed by Miguel Arteta, whose past films include Beatriz at Dinner (2017) and the funny Youth in Revolt (2009), amongst plenty of TV show directing credits.

While it was hard to get excited about the story and the humour in this one going by the trailer, the casting should draw audiences in nevertheless.

Like a Boss releases on 23 January 2019.

Nick Janks