Bruce Lee’s ‘Fist of Fury’ Meets ‘Star Wars’ in this Cool Video

Some clever editing sees this classic fight scene from Bruce Lee’s 1972 martial arts film Fist of Fury get a fantastical makeover, ripped right out of the Star Wars universe.

The video comes to use from Youtuber Patrick Nan, who has done a great job in giving the weapons used in this clip a lightsaber twist, along with the appropriate sound effects.

His inspiration for the video came after seeing some fan art of Bruce Lee wielding lightsaber nunchucks in a scene out of the Star Wars extended universe.

The art in question can be seen below the video, with credit to the original artist Ameen Naksewee, whose work you can see more of here.

There have been countless videos done in the past where fight scenes from movies have been given the lightsaber treatment, but none that have used the martial arts superstar Lee.

Fist of Fury was sadly one of Bruce Lee’s last movies before his early death, with only two other movies releasing after it; The Way of the Dragon (1972) and Lee’s final movie, Enter the Dragon (1973).

Lee changed the face of action movies on a global scale, while also bringing traditional martial arts further into the mainstream’s consciousness.

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We can only wonder where the actor’s career may have taken him had he lived and who knows, he may have landed a role in a Star Wars film after all with those moves.

Check out the cool video and artwork below.

bruce lee art

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