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‘BrightBurn’ Trailer – Not Your Typical Superhero Film

With the movie market saturated with superhero films, BrightBurn might just be the antidote audiences need to skew the direction these types of movies normally head in.

In what appears to be a parallel storyline to Superman’s origin, a meteorite crashlands on a couple’s farm, with a baby inside.

With the couple (played by Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) unable to bear children, they see this as a sign and decide to raise the child as their own.

This appears to be where the Superman comparisons end, as we learn quickly that the child leans a little closer to the darker side, rather than being the hero.

It’s such a great concept, that it’s a little surprising something like this wasn’t conceived earlier.

But oddly, the timing seems perfect, as we know that judging by this trailer, it’s not going to be your typical superhero movie.

Attached behind the scenes are some big names including The Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn in a producing role.

Before hitting it big with Marvel, Gunn produced some great low budget horror films, and BrightBurn seems to follow this formula.

Whilst quenching the thirst for superhero fans, BrightBurn looks as though it could reach a wider audience and possibly open up a whole new genre for the future.

The film hits cinemas on 24 May 2019.

Luke Banyai

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