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Trailer for Upcoming Tim Winton Novel Adaptation – ‘Breath’

The Tim Winton award-winning novel about the reckless nature of youth, Breath, is beautifully brought to life on the big screen in this first trailer.

Australian star of The Mentalist, Simon Baker, makes his directorial film debut with the coming-of-age tale of two teenage boys from a small costal town in Western Australia, based on the 2008 best-selling novel by celebrated Australian author Tim Winton.

The story unfolds in the mid-70’s as self-taught surfers, Pikelet and Loonie search for a way to escape the monotony of their small coastal hometown.

Their search for adventure leads them to form an unlikely friendship with an ex-professional surfer, Sandro, and his wife Eva.

Sandro’s love of the ocean and reckless nature pushes the two boys to take risks that have a lasting and profound impact on their friendship, and their perspective on the world around them.

Simon Baker plays Sandro with newcomers’ Samson Coulter and Ben Spence taking the lead roles of Pikelet and Loonie.

Baker has assembled a strong cast of fellow Australian actors with Richard Roxburgh and Rachel Blake appearing in supporting roles as Pikelet’s parents, and Elizabeth Debicki from The Great Gatsby (2013) playing the role of Sandro’s wife Eva.

Even Winton himself is involved, adding his lyrical tone as the voiceover narration.

Baker worked with Gerard Lee to adapt the Miles Franklin award-winning novel as he stated it had a ‘profound effect’ on him as he grew up in a similar Australian costal town, and found he shared many things in common with its characters.

Now a father of two teenage sons, he has watched them undergo a similar transformation from childhood to adulthood, which gave him a fresh perspective on those defining coming-of-age moments.

Breath premiered in September at the Toronto Film Festival where it received favorable reviews.

It will continue on the festival circuit before general release in Australian cinemas on 3 May 2018.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Debs Goodwin