Brad Pitt Seeks His Lost Father in Outer Space in New ‘Ad Astra’ Trailer

Brad Pitt plays an astronaut out to find his father who’s lost in outer space while trying to solve a mystery that threatens the human race in Ad Astra.

The second trailer for Ad Astra sees Pitt’s character Roy McBride send a touching message to his lost father (Tommy Lee Jones) in the hope that he’ll receive it, somewhere in the far reaches of outer space.

It’s implied that his father may not want to be found, and may potentially be involved in harbouring secrets that threaten the survival of planet Earth.

This new trailer focuses on the drama aspects of the film, adding some emotional weight to the story (in comparison to the first trailer which featured a lot more action).

While being a lot slower paced, the new trailer is still full of intrigue.

We don’t know what the threat to mankind is specifically, but the mystery behind it is what the filmmakers are banking on to get people to see this one.

With a supporting cast that includes Donald Sutherland, Ruth Negga and Liv Tyler, Ad Astra looks to have a lot going for it and should please sci-fi fans.

It’s directed by James Gray, whose past credits include 2016’s The Lost City of Z and 2013’s The Immigrant, which also starred Pitt.

The film is due on 19 September 2019, check out the second trailer below.

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