‘The Bourne Trilogy’ – Honest Trailer

In light of Jason Bourne being released, The Bourne Trilogy gets the funny Honest Trailer treatment from the Screen Junkies crew.

No film or film series is safe when the Screen Junkies team get their hands on it for an Honest Trailer and the Bourne Trilogy is next in line.

The hilarious video makes fun of different plot points, but one of the best was how the amnesiac Bourne forgot everything, except how to fight, make a weapon out of anything, bribery skills and other skills that don’t seem very relevant.

It’s funny how many things your average viewer, including myself, doesn’t pick up on after watching these films, and when you spin it in a humorous way like they’ve done here, it kind of diminishes the value of the films.

Either way, the Bourne films are all fun spy-thrillers and while their stories may be a bit convoluted, you’re really just watching it for the action, aren’t you?

You can see more Honest Trailers on the Screen Junkies Youtube page here (most of them are hilarious).

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