‘Bombshell’ Trailer Puts the Spotlight on a News Network TV Scandal

The Fox News network TV station and its leader are the source of a scandal in the upcoming film Bombshell, based on real events.

Nicole Kidman plays network TV news anchor Gretchen Carlson, who speaks up about the sexist treatment she has received from network head Roger Ailes (John Lithgow).

It’s an uphill battle, however, as she and her legal team attempt to gather more women to speak up about the toxic work environment at the network.

Australia’s Margot Robbie plays Kayla Pospisil, and up-and-coming talent, who as we can see in the trailer is put in a very awkward position after a meeting with Ailes.

I don’t know too much about the real-life scandal this film is based on and have purposefully not researched it in order to avoid any spoilers for myself, so I won’t link anything about it here.

The film is directed by Jay Roach and is written by Oscar-winner Charles Randolph, the co-writer of 2015’s The Big Short.

The trailer for Bombshell teases a tense and timely look at the inner-workings of the highly competitive and cutthroat network TV industry and the toxic environments that can surround it.

Its leading stars, which also includes Charlize Theron, appear to be in fine form and the film should open up a lot of discussion.

Bombshell hits cinemas on 16 January 2020 in Australia and it looks like must-see viewing.

Check out the full new trailer below and you can check out the super-awkward teaser for the film here!

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