Bob Odenkirk is the Poor Man’s John Wick in New Movie ‘Nobody’

Bob Odenkirk stars in the new crime-action film Nobody, which takes a page out of the ‘John Wick’ handbook, and has fun doing it.

Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, an unassuming family man with a secret criminal past as a violent enforcer who comes out of retirement to defend his family from his former employers and their goons.

It’s not revealed why they’re after him in the trailer, but the plot is never that important in a film like this.

The film comes to us from the creative team behind the John Wick (2014-) series and it’s no surprise that Nobody closely resembles those films in every aspect, from the story to the action sequences, to the overall aesthetic.

It’s interesting to see Bob Odenkirk take on a role such as this one, considering his background in mostly darkly comedic roles such as Saul Goodman in the popular TV shows Breaking Bad (2009-13) and Better Call Saul (2015-).

While the above TV roles made him a household name, Odenkirk has featured in several movies up to this point, the likes of which include Nebraska (2013), Girlfriend’s Day (2017)The Disaster Artist (2017)and Little Women (2019).

The actor can do it all it seems, though doesn’t seem too convincing in an action film role based on what we see in the trailer below.

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The team behind Nobody is the best at what they do though, so we’re sure to be in for a fun, violent ride when the film releases in March 2021.

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